Hey, I'm Young Fenimore Lee. I attend high school in the north Chicagoland suburbs.

I run my school's Ethics Bowl club and team at SHS, where we frame moral dilemmas through either hypothetical or real scenarios embedded in case studies. I run the club alongside the illustrious and glorious Mr. Clayton Duba. We also read philosophical works of fiction as a fun aside, such as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I plan on us reading No Exit and some other Jean-Paul Sartre plays, too, (I recommend The Respectful Prostitute) since he is probably one of my favorite philosophers. Aside from John Rawls.

I was actually introduced to a lot of philosophy through my other major passion, quizbowl. I play on the Stevenson quizbowl team alongside brilliant generalist Ali Saeed, history aficionados Kazuma Shiminaka and Marco Laudati Govind Prabhakar and Conrad Oberhaus, and Fine Arts specialist Nathan Cha. I am personally responsible for studying RMP (Religion, Mythology, Philosophy), Fine Arts (mainly concerning classical music, jazz history, art history, and architecture), and whatever else I can manage to study. At the 2016 nationals, we finished T-13 at NAQT's High School National Championship Tournament and 2nd place at PACE National Scholastic Championship. Our team is ranked 10th on this year's national pre-season HS QB Rank, and we hope to do just as well this coming season as we did last year.

I solve Rubik's Cubes competitively at World Cube Association sanctioned competitions in the midwest region. I have an 9.900 second unofficial 3x3 average and a somewhat worse official competition average. The events I care about the most are 3x3, 3x3 one handed (I average just about 20 seconds), and 3x3 blindfolded (I average just under 2 minutes or something).

Other interests include attending hackathons like MHacks and Codeday, playing jazz on alto sax and clarinet, and playing the cello in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. I also have a blog, where I talk about my thoughts on whatever I'm thinking about at the moment. (Note: I am literally this guy) Contact me through the links at the bottom of the page if you want/need to, for whatever reason, and thanks for taking a look around.

Notes on my footer links:

  • Youtube channel: I solve cubes, play music, and do other sorts of stuff
  • Github: a barren landscape of never working on projects
  • Last.fm: I listen to jazz / orchestral / alt-rock / a bunch of other genres
  • Email: email me?