Hey, I'm Young Fenimore Lee. I went to high school in the north Chicagoland suburbs, and I'm now an art history student at Stanford, where I'll be graduating in June of 2021.

My primary area of research is contemporary asian art. I really enjoy installation artists who utilize video, such as Zhang Peili and Nam June Paik. I'm currently working on some research on the Korean internet art duo Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, whose entire present and future archive has been acquired by M+ in Hong Kong, and I'm hoping to head over to Hong Kong when M+ opens so I can work with the archive and do research on their previous installation works.

I spend a lot of time writing questions for quizbowl. I'm a member of a national association for high school quizbowl called PACE, and I'm currently a subject editor for collegiate quizbowl's premier introductory tournament, ACF Fall. I've worked on some other yearly sets, and really enjoy working with other writers to craft well-executed questions that are fun to play. I tend to write fine arts, religion, mythology, and philosophy, the categories that I focus on as a player, too.

I solve Rubik's Cubes competitively at World Cube Association sanctioned competitions in the midwest + bay area. I have an 9.900 second unofficial 3x3 average and a somewhat worse official competition average. The events I care about the most are 3x3, 3x3 one handed (I average just about 20 seconds), 3x3 blindfolded (I average just under 2 minutes or something), and 3x3 multi-blind (memorize however many cubes you want all at once and solve them all blindfolded).

Other interests include attending hackathons and playing jazz in some small ensembles with friends. I also have a blog, where I put up some writing and thoughts on whatever's going on at the moment (a lot of it is miscellanious stuff from high school). (Note: I am literally this guy) Contact me through the links at the bottom of the page if you want/need to, for whatever reason, and thanks for taking a look around.

Notes on my footer links:

  • Youtube channel: I solve cubes, play music, and do other sorts of stuff
  • Github: a barren landscape of never working on projects
  • Last.fm: I listen to jazz / orchestral / alt-rock / a bunch of other genres
  • Email: email me?