Hey, I'm Young Fenimore Lee. I went to high school in the north Chicagoland suburbs, and I'm now an art history English student at Stanford, where I'll be graduating in June of 2021.

My primary project is the indie music journalism publication I founded, Jellybones. We aim to amplify unheard voices and introduce people to undiscovered music from people of color, those who identify as queer and/or non-cis-male, and those from lower-class backgrounds. I spend a lot of time going through self-released music on bandcamp, small labels, and whatever else pops up in my daily life of digging through the internet.

I'm a freelance music journalist currently writing for FLOOD Magizine (I'm not exactly sure why it's in all caps) and some other places (ssshhh). I'm working on a book of essays on albums by artists from underrepresented backgrounds that find success through the internet music scene. Other interests include writing, playing electric guitar, and producing music. Feel free to read around, and thanks for taking a look around.

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